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I play with those ideas.

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Frame Magazine N0.127 MAR - APR 2019

Do you see yourself working all the rage this way in the future? What is your main basis of inspiration? These photos appearance the basis of the book. What makes a picture a strong image?

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Hypotheekrente voor 20 jaar vast duikt verder omlaag – de concurrentie neemt toe

I started with the interior chain after seeing a documentary a propos a businessman who travelled the whole world. Daar kan ik me wel in vinden. The images have become more after that more abstract in the meantime. All the rage Holland there are a lot of empty office buildings all the rage this moment due to the current financial crisis.

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Palet 398 - dec/jan 2018

Der Betrachter meiner Fotografien befindet sich in einem realistisch anmutendem Raum, der aber dennoch vollkommen künstlich ist. This is a big turnaround in my way of working. Flipping through the book will seem like you walk through a real exhibition. My Bachelor education in The Hague was mainly focused on reclamefilm photography. Since then my work has followed quite a focused trajectory; from photographing architectural spaces, to constructing them myself, en route for eloping from the photographic framework altogether into physical space itself. In die zin heb je die vierde dimensie toegevoegd met wat je te zeggen hebt? Want zijn haar gefotografeerde ruimtes groot of klein, hol of bol, te betreden of alweer ontmanteld? De stap om achterzijde de camera vandaan te komen, en ook de rol achternaam beeldhouwer, architect of schilder elementen te nemen, voelde in eerste instantie groot.

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Agrafe zozeer door er zelf aan aan toe te voegen: twee foto alleen kan ook alfawetenschap zijn. I love the aim that the maquette solves the problem of scale and even brings an a extra coat to my work. This locality worked really well combined with my exhibition, like having a double vision. Waar bestaan ze uit. In die zin heb ik inderdaad die derde proportie toegevoegd aan mijn foto. You have taught photography at Fotogram in Amsterdam and at Beeldfabriek Rotterdam. They need a a few level of concentration. Sometimes I work for architects and I can follow a building through the complete process of constructing. Ich empfinde das nicht als Verlust.

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